Chemo day.   Let’s hear three cheers because the blood pressure is NORMAL.  Yes folks you read that right.  NORMAL– FINALLY.    A kind gentlemen was in the chemo waiting room and he was crocheting.  He told a funny story about how when he was young and he and his siblings were bad their mother wacked them with a yard stick but as they got older she made them sit and learn something useful.  Well he learned to crochet and he gave the people including me who were sitting in that waiting room a beautiful crocheted butterfly.  It holds a very special place right on the lap of a stuffed bear Paula Renee gave me back when I started this fight.  I love them both.  Lots of traffic including seeing lots of police cars due to the funeral of Officer Bashioum.  Going down 79 and looking over at the cemetery there was quite an impressive line of police cars as far as the eye could see.  Thoughts and prayers go out to his stoic family. 

Thanks for the input on the natural remedies.  I asked but was told I can’t take any of them due to the fact that they could react with the chemo drugs.  So any other solutions to leg cramps/charlie horses will be appreciated.   Once again three cheers for that blood pressure.

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  1. Congratulations on the test results!! Hmm, I’d say just keep eating healthy and get love from your family and friends, get lots of sleep, that’s all you need to boost your immunity 🙂

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