No clue at all!

I am 20. People of my age are doing all sorts of stuff, and here I am, still a kid. I am not so active on the social media, like the others. I don’t know how to pout or pose. Neither do I post about my relationship on social media, nor am I interested to brag about it.

I feel left out, everybody around me is getting a job, they are at least pretending they know exactly what to do in life. I on the other hand am unable to figure out, what am I best at.

What after graduation, no clue at all!

3 thoughts on “No clue at all!”

  1. Not being like everyone else is a good thing in this case. Take your time growing up, because, darling, you will be grown forever. You only have a few years to be a child, teenage and young adult. Enjoy them! Enjoy your family. Don’t pressure yourself so much. I have a feeling you are a beautiful person with a special future. It will come around, and you’ll know just what to do. Reach for peace. Hugs to you!

  2. It is a hard life though. Don’t be lazy. That’s what is destroying you. If you want something, it takes effort to get it. You will bring yourself down by only thinking negative thoughts.

    I mean look at me, read the latest post I have and check out the pictures. Looks like I’m doing awesome and I’m a pretty happy person right? Nope. When I have negative thoughts, they take over and I become depressed. I’m extremely depressed right now even though no one can see it and no one else can feel it. I feel like I have no power in this world.

    The only person you have is yourself, there’s no person out there that will give you a hand. Except I mean, I just came by and gave you a hand. But no one will be around you at all times like you are around yourself. So if you want something – it may take years and it may be painful – but it’ll be reachable… Just slowly… crawl… crawl while your guts bleed out…

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