november 16th

Today was a long day, I am currently failing at all my exams, no matter how hard I try I always end up getting distracted. Parents evening went quite well however I am now having to put up with the consequences of ‘concentration problems’. However I am extremely looking forward to Christmas and have just been out to buy all the Christmas presents for my friends and family. Resulting in me becoming broke for the next three months. But I am working this weekend so will hopefully very soon gain some of the money back as I am saving up for the gap year.

It is my first time trying out a blog anonymously I thought it might be quite fun, being able to write stuff, others reading it and me being able to get anything that has been bothering me off my chest. I just am relying on no one I know recognising this.

I am currently meant to be revising for a very important Spanish speaking test up in room, however of course I am currently typing this, and I am enjoying it a lot more than Spanish revision. I believe that I will not do very well in this test as I am unable to recite the last two paragraphs, if anyone has any hints please contact me I would love it. also my English GCSE’s are currently going down the drain as I am being told that I actually need all the help I can get by my teacher. I understand that she means well however it does make me feel like total crap. It also doesn’t help that I had an argument with my mum and my sister today and I feel terrible about some of the stuff I said to my mum, I am hoping that we can make up before I’m a celebrity tonight. (currently loving Scarlett she is hilarious).

Anyway I think that it is best now that I get back to my Spanish so hope to post tomorrow.


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  1. You can feel free to post on here. No one knows you, but we are good, caring people. Very supportive when necessary. I look forward to reading more from you. (smile)

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