Oh God What If I Failed That Accounting Test

I am typing this in Computer Programming class (today is a review/chill day if you’re done with everything which I am) and I just had my seventh accounting test and DEAR GOD WHAT IF I FAILED IT.

The lowest grade I’ve gotten in accounting, for anything, including tests, application problems, mastery problems, challenge problems, and other weighted grades, is an 84. Which is a B-. Which sucks. Which I vowed I would never allow myself to get again in any class but AP Physics.

But I am fairly sure I just bombed that accounting test, so…………

Okay, well, I probably didn’t BOMB it, per se, because unless my judgement is way off, I probably got at least an 80/B on it, but still. Accounting? It is literally one of my easiest, and definitely one of my favorite, classes. I hate myself for failing things normally, but failing at something that you actually like to do or are normally good at doing? No. Just no. I stopped physically crying over test grades a while ago, but you can be sure that I am internally crying right now.

Also, I definitely failed that physics free response test from yesterday. I’m just feeling considerably more chill about it because most of the people I know thought it was hard, and that they failed. It sounds heartless, but I’m happier when I know that other people thought a test was hard and that they did badly on it, not because I’m glad that they got bad grades, but because it lets me know that I’m not the only person who wasn’t prepared/didn’t understand, or thought that the test was difficult, because if I were the only person who thought that I would feel super stupid. So yeah, still heartless. I know.

Anyway. That’s just a quick little rant. I’m still in school and in thirty minutes or so I have a precalculus quiz to take, hooray. Then tomorrow I have a computer programming test, and my first timed argumentation essay (we finished learning rhetorical analysis). On Friday I have a geo quiz and a geo project due, a history homework packet due, and maybe some other stuff.

Then next week I have a history test and (I think?) a geo test the day before Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday. We’re also starting Gatsby in AP English next Monday; it’ll be the last book we learn this semester. Next year, we’re learning Grapes of Wrath, Maus I and II, Invisible Man, and maybe something else, I forget what.

Have a good day and stay chill unlike me because I am dying inside thinking about the results of my accounting test. I might write some more later, but who knows, I’ll probably be too lazy and busy listening to music to do that.

2 thoughts on “Oh God What If I Failed That Accounting Test”

  1. XD don’t worry so much for tests. Seriously, they don’t ever matter after school. It’s a cliche people use but it’s true, no one checks your high school grade apart from colleges. You get good grades to get to a good college to get a good job and even then employers don’t look at your GPA, they just look at your personality and whether you’re qualified to do a quarter to half of the things they listed.

    5 years down you’re not going to be like “OMG I AM SO HAPPY I PASSED THAT ACCOUNTING TEST!!” right? XD

  2. Thanks @megawatt! I know, I’m trying not to get really stressed about it–I just want a higher GPA, as high as possible, so I can get scholarships. That’s really important to me and my family, since we’re not super rich, and there’s still my younger sister’s schooling to pay for.

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