Man how I hate sluts well more of barbie dolls, the piss me off so much. They have no self-respect what so ever. They just open there legs for any guy out there, I mean do they ever get tried of that kind of life style?…putting on so much make-up that if u were to slap there face it would be a cloud of power that would off there face, the clothes they wear, well for a start I can’t really call them clothes. I mean u can see everything. I feel sorry for them, I’m not saying that all of them are bad cuz I know for sure that some of them didn’t chose to life there lives like that.

Anyway…..I have no idea what to say….my life is a mess right now, there’s so much going on. My lost her sister only three days ago, first her sister’s eldest son died. She was able to go to the sons house to pack his things cuz it was to hard for her (i mean she did just lose her son) anyway, she had been staying at one of our relitves house with her five children three of which were hers and two were her sons kids. The youngest was two, (by the way she was s a widow) decided to go go and pack up her sons clothes one day, when she got there, there were some people that knew her son already there but they were crying, she two started to cry, cuz she had become pretty depressed and stressed out since her son died. Her pressure when up and she past out, by the time they got her to the hospital she had died. My moms blaming herself cuz moms sister had called my mom two days before she died that she needed money to support her and the kids. But my mom hadn’t gotten her pay check yet soo yea. Now the five kids fave been separated and are each  livening with one of our family relatives, but they two have large family’s of there own plus there grandchildren living with them, so the eldest girl out of the children who is 12 has to stop going to school till my mom can find a way to pay her school fees. 

My boyfriend and I have broken up because of a “ex-friend” f mine plus some other reasons. I’m having trouble with my friendship group and my health has gone down. I won’t say the rest cuz there’s no need to bore people with my life problems but yea…if u guys have any good ideas off how i can handle some of this stuff then please comment below!!-anyway I have to go-by the way I didn’t check for any grammar or spelling mistakes so most of this might not even make any sense 

2 thoughts on “Problems”

  1. Hmm, I mean women dress attractively because it makes them happy, guys become happy to be around girls who look attractive. Why would you hate that?

    And yeah that’s a pretty heartbreaking incident with your mom’s sister (aka your aunt). It happens. I’d suggest only trying to fix problems you have control over, and any external problems that involve other people you can’t do anything about.

  2. Thx and I don’t have a problem with women dressing up attractively, my problem is when it goes over the top and they just look the sluts and act like their better then anyone else.

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