Soccer Problems

My coach overhead my teammate and I bitching in the parking lot after last week’s soccer game. To be fair, we weren’t bitching about anyone in particular. We were simply annoyed that we had way too many players and it really cut down on playing time. We’ll have no subs tonight. Go figure. I already got a message saying I better be ready to run since I’ll be playing the whole game. I was talking to Ashley (the teammate I was bitching with, not my BFF) earlier and we agreed this is our chance to prove our worth. We’re both good players, but we do get overlooked by a few other girls on the team and it’s not because they’re better than us, but because they’re… Entitled? (I’m not sure if that is the right word.) Anyway, if they don’t feel valued, they’ll leave the team whereas Ashley and I wouldn’t. They’ll also work hard to score themselves, even if it’s at the expense of the team. They’re kind of like those high maintenance girls you don’t think any guy would ever want because of their attitude, but nope! They’re actually extremely desirable as players. They haven’t even paid their team fees. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to be more like them. Confident. Entitled. Outside of the soccer world I am that girl and I’ve seen first hand how different girls with my attitude are treated in comparison to low maintenance ones. I don’t think it’s ever good to be low maintenance. To me, it just means you have lower expectations of yourself. I say that as someone who is fully aware that the reason I’m not like these other girls on the team is because I don’t think I’m good enough. Well, it’s time to push myself. I have Ashley to work with. She feels the same way I do. Ironically, she’s a better player than I am. We kind of rile each other up, so hopefully with hard work we can pull this off. It would be tragic if we lost. That would break our perfect record and I know everyone will blame us.

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