Thanksgiving & Christmas

They are going to be a ZOO.  We have decided to have the family (11) go out to eat for Thanksgiving.  That’s good.  Then comes Christmas—same 11 people, some want to give gifts individually like we have done every year, and some want to cease the gift-giving and just have a meal.  It’s going to be messy.  People giving gifts (my Mom will, for sure) and other people feeling guilty for not.  I don’t know what to do, myself.  Of course we are giving to our nuclear families in the morning; for me that includes Ana, her friend, Jacob, Matthew and Ron and Mom.  But I found such a nice puzzle for my sister yesterday!  I didn’t buy it, but I think I will.  Silly as it seems this is very stressful for me!  I don’t want anyone to feel hurt or left out or whatever.  Help!

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  1. It’s funny I had a similar conversation about exchanging gifts with a friend of mine .. our birthdays are four days apart just before Christmas, she was like, “let’s not buy each other presents this year” and gave me a whole host of reasons. A short time later, she said “I can tell you’re not happy with my decision” .. and I had to fess up “I like buying gifts for other’s” .. still I have to accept her decision and offered a compromise we made a date to meet up on our birthday weekend and go out somewhere to celebrate .. 🙂

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