I will be happy :)

Can I learn to live without you?

Can I learn to make it through?

Can I be free from the constant reminders of you?

Can you please stay far away from me?

because if you can stay away and i can stay away from you

then I can.

I can live without you.

I can grow without you.

I can learn to make through.

I do not need you but I want you.

I want you so much it puts me in pain, it makes me so angry, so mean.

I don’t want to live without you but I will.

I don’t want to have to get over you but I will when the times comes that I must.

The time will fly by without you and the constant thoughts of you will go away.

I will be happier and enjoy my life without you…eventually.

and maybe just maybe find someone who loves me as much as I want them too.

I wish not the same upon you I mean I hope the best for you but I cant wish that upon you just yet.

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