loving somebody who does not want you hurts like hell

Have you ever loved someone so much it brings out the ugly side of you?

The side that says no to being nice to other guys because it feels wrong, the side that makes your heart hurt when he talks to other girls, the side that cares about him but cant bare to not see or be with him in the future, The side that just wants him to love you, The side that wants to see him succeed and be happy but with you and it would be okay without you but at the same time would break you into small little pieces, and the side that wants to do anything to just stay by his side.

I HATE this side

I cant stand him not wanting to kiss me

I cant stand him not wanting to hug me

I can not stand him not wanting to be in each others lives in the future

I can not stand that no matter what I do he is thinking about himself and he will never love me enough to try with me

I cant stand this

I don’t like the way the tears just seem to rush down and the way my heart feels like it is trying to hide.. it hurts.

I love this man like crazy and I cant do anything to make him want to stay with me.

It seems when I do try it just pushes him away.


2 thoughts on “loving somebody who does not want you hurts like hell”

  1. This will sound crazy, but you can express your love by praying good things for this boy. Nobody will know. Just ask God to bless him, and be specific. As you pray for him you will know his life is better because of you. It will ease the pain a little. And there is someone better in your future, you’ll be so glad.

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