My Diary… thing??

Um… hi, I guess. I go by the name Lexie Gray. I’m fifteen, Italian-American, my favorite color is green and I struggle with bipolar-depression, severe anxiety, OCD, ADHD and other medical problems. I’ve decided to keep a diary, since… well, I’m bored and lonely. Dad’s watching the hockey game again, screaming because the Penguins missed the goal… my brother’s also screaming. 

I honestly don’t understand sports. But oh well. Mum ruined my entire day the instant she walked into the door around 6:30 PM (she got home from shopping). She screamed at me just because my dad made a mistake. 

In my household, screaming is apparently the solution.

2 thoughts on “My Diary… thing??”

  1. Hi Lexie–that’s such a pretty name. I don’t understand sports either–I can’t understand why people get so invested in it that they start screaming at the TV (uh, the players can’t hear you!) But I suppose I’m not one to talk because I react very dramatically when I’m dealing with fandom stuff, so. Hope to see more writing from you.

  2. Hello and welcome! I’m pretty sad and lonely too most of the time, welcome to the club 😀

    I don’t get sports either. There’s a football watching party I’m going to on Sunday only because I’ve never done it before. I imagine there’s gonna be lots of beer – lots of screaming – lots of whatever. I’ll post what it’s about in a future post, I think it’ll be “Journal Day 28” so keep an eye out for that, you might get an insight into sports, but probably not 😉

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