my first journal (and worst title)

so, hey, guys, i’m kinda just writing of the top of my head rn and actually have no plan for what to write, but i guess i’ll say some stuff about why i’m here and who i am, feel free to leave questions for tomorrow in the comment section, sorry if my English isn’t the best, i’ll try to correct all typos before i post, btw English is not my first language, so what am i supposed to write about?? i came here today because i wanted to write down my thoughts and a little about my everyday life, I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, but i didn’t know where to write, i just feel like there’s so much i wanna tell, but i don’t have anyone to tell it to.

of course i have friends, i actually have a ton of friends, but at the time i’m writing this they’re probably all asleep, i wouldn’t tell them if they were awake either just cuz i know they don’t give a shit about all my fucked up and useless thoughts and i don’t blame them. i am a person in need of social interaction, but i’m also really shy, probably why i haven’t had a gf since third grade, because of this i began using a app called chatous about a year ago, on this app you’re connected with a random stranger, you can text or video chat, i still use the app, but its not enough, its hard to find anyone that listens and once you find them they go offline after a while, that’s why i’m here, to express my feelings atm, i have no idea if anyone are gonna read this, but there’s a chance someone might, the reason i wanna write online and not just in a normal journal is because i don’t see the reason to write all of this if no one can read it, i left a noodle-haired Justin Timberlake for you to enjoy as the featured image, it’s a gif, not sure if it’ll work, but anyways, thanks for reading, please leave a comment below and subscribe to my journal for daily texts like this. 


2 thoughts on “my first journal (and worst title)”

  1. Thanks for the GIF–ramen-haired JT is the best haha. Writing is a good way to de-stress yourself, even if no one comments or anything–it’s like shouting into a void and hearing your voice echo. Hope to see more from you.

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