My life is such a mess right now

I don’t know. I’m under a lot of stress, and there has been a lot of boy drama. I think I can write anything I want in here now, my friends haven’t read it for quite a while, so. Here goes. 

I’m seriously PISSED OFF at Gem right now. She told Daisy who I like, and didn’t ask for permission. Jack could have heard, he tells everyone everything. Risky.

Her defence?

“but daisy is a good friend!”

yeah, okay gem. I like her too, but that DOES NOT give you the right to meddle in my life, you don’t decide what happens to me, you don’t decide who I tell, you are not me, and, frankly, I knew I never should have told you in the first place.

Besides, I’ve kind of gotten over him, now. Nothing was ever going to happen, it’s just one of those instant crushes, but he was popular and I am the lame kid, we’re not even friends 🙄. 

So, that pissed me off majorly. In other news, it’s THE assembly on Monday. Periods 1 through 4. Talk about awkward. I missed the one in year seven, but hey, at least we’re missing an (almost) day because of it. 

We’re picking out GCSEs, soon. I still have VERY LITTLE idea of what I want to do. 😁😁 putting on a brave face. Life is boring, recently, everything is boring and I’m not excited about anything.

Oh, yeah. I got some new shoes, £65. Adorable little boots, but I didn’t want to pressure my dad into buying them, I was pretty against the idea, actually. But hey, I am not going to complain 😂.

Im sorry, I haven’t written in here for ages, over a month, but… I only write when I need.

And, I want to get better at art. I just do! 💙💙💙

3 thoughts on “My life is such a mess right now”

  1. Umm, hey?
    So you’re in year 8 right..or..?(British terms)
    Don’t you have an options evening before you actually pick your GCSEs – I recommend you run around like a maniac and try to find out about all the options. My advice to you is that you pick options you’re going to like and you’ll put 100% effort into (even if you have the worst teacher). Don’t pick too many things from within a similar area eg. art, drama and music; you’ll be stuck with too many creative options and as you probably could tell, the creative industries are hard to find jobs in…
    Also, pick things that you like, don’t pick for the sake of your parents or friends etc.

    As for your boy troubles, don’t stress or even bother getting pissed about it – at the end of the day you’re all just kids, right.

    I hope I said something useful 😛

  2. Thanks both 🙂
    I’m in year 9, but close enough :).
    Yes, I’m looking at physiology right now! I think I might be taking it. Thanks for the advice, I’ll definatly keep it in mind.
    Oh, and thanks SavedbyGrace.
    Feels nice to be back, I love writing in here!

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