I have gained weight. Much weight. I am usually 104 with is OK. I now weight 119 pounds.  I am 4’10 in height. My mom comments on how heavy I’ve gotten. I had to throw out so many clothes and buy new ones. I think I will starve myself. I am supposed to eat eggplant Parmesan tonight but now I don’t want to. I can always try to throw it up later. That method has always been hard for me. I only succeeded once and it was just orange foam that came up. I don’t think i threw up quickly enough. The only think about starving is the headaches and feeling light headed. I think if I drink a lot of water and eat very small portions of pretzels it will help the light-headedness.

2 thoughts on “Starve”

  1. Please do not starve yourself. It is so unhealthy. And throwing up after actually doesn’t promote weight loss. Bullimics do not lose weight. Starvation leads to binges which actually lead to gaining more weight. You are beautiful and your body should be something you treasure and take care of, not abuse. I’m sure your mom loves you, but that is not constructive for her to say. Your value is not in your weight. How old are you?

  2. Listen to me. I was a bulimic for 3 years and let me tell you, it is a horrible path to go down. At first it seemed like a valid thing to do and a way to lose weight, and it worked for a few weeks, maybe even a month. I FELT GREAT! tons of energy, weight loss, etc. But after that it all went downhill. I wont spare you the details because I’m sure you have heard it all but please reconsider this. Go see a therapist about this and your weight issues. 119 is literally a very average, even borderline underweight depending on your age and height, and you should not feel bad about yourself for gaining weight. You need to learn to accept the things you cannot change and even if you can change your weight, you need to start feeling comfortable and like yourself no matter what you look like on the outside. you need to know you are a good person. i wish you luck on your journey. please think about it. talk to a professional. just please. don’t starve nor purge. it only leads to extreme eating disorders that can lead to a lifetime of issues, not only physical but psychological.

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