The surgey is over, but the results are not good. Her spine is almost conpletely severed in half. When the kids get home from school we will go back to the vets to say goodbye. I can’t let her live like this anymore. Maybe since she is groggy from the anaesthesia she can have a peaceful sleep until she wakes up and crosses the rainbow bridge.

2 thoughts on “Update…”

  1. Oh, Goddess, I am so sorry. I know you feel like you are saying goodbye to your heart. I hope you’ll be encouraged by Psalms 36:6 —- “Both man and beast, O Lord, thou savest.” Your precious kitty will have a place in Heaven, I am absolutely convinced of it.
    Love and prayers to you. And hugs.

  2. My condolences…I hope her dreams will forever be of her family that always cared

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