Honestly, just having a place where I can write my thought and totally just be me is a relief and totally a weight off of my shoulders. I feel like i’m constantly either too irritable, annoyed or just pissed off. And why, you ask? Because like many MANY people before me, I thought it’d be cool and chill to have friends as roommates but sure enough, I was SO wrong! I mean, other than the fact that they’re absolutely lazy, their disrespectful as all hell and don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. 
For instance, I went grocery shopping on the first of this month and then left for California on the fifth. I had already talked to my boyfriend about which items I wanted saved and whatnot. Well, I come home yesterday evening and almost everything my boyfriend had saved for me was eaten. 
And what makes it even worse is everything THEY buy, they write their names on it and also write “DO NOT USE”. 
How hypocritical!
Ugh. I guess you can say “rant over”.

Goodnight journal
                     xoxo ♥ yournotsotypicalgirl ♥

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