Being good now

I wasn’t the best person in the world, actually my english sucks, but I’ll try my best with my writing style.
So, when I was a kid, I like a lot boys. My family was so religious so they really tried to “help” me with my proble. And they got it… Or not…
So after my “change” I had a obsession with pornography, (at least it was hetero). But I relised I didn’t see women as a… wow :Q__
I was watching the man, and I said: “where’s his p******?”.
So, I found a great thing named internet. I started to see the same thing but with net help.
It was pretty cool, but there was something it didn’t match.
I was empty, then I found bisex, and I felt full again.
But after that I said again to me: “What about g*** *****?”
And this how all started.
Level up: Sex Cam.
I used it for sexting a lot, and jerking with other guys.
I had a lot of friends.
And, I contacted some people of my country to make it out.
I lost my virginity on downstairs of some public place.
Then other guy, then other, and over and over and over.
So I realised I had some red circles around the penis head. And other body’s parts.
It was foongus. I didn’t care, so keep doing sexting and stuff.
So, I discovered navigaing on the internet, I obtain the fact that the foongus was a symptom for HIV.
My life entire colapsed, a very cold sweat went through my face.
And I said to me once: “I got it”.
All was lost, all was stressful, all was dark.
Then, after that, my mind said to me: “OK, time to change”.
So with my mom’s help, I could get in the right way, God.
Yeah, I know what you gonna to say, I was like you for so many years.
But this was a God’s cue. A signal to me that said: “This isn’t the life I want for you”.
And I started cathequism, and loving people. I was a totally new man.
I meditate a lot of christ passion, a lot of bible quotes, and a lot of priests speechs.
Now that I have God’s help, I reliesed that I got foongus cause a classmate gave it to me. It was just a misconception xD
So, God DOES exsits. God loves us, and God hate the sin, not the sinner.
Don’t get in my old way, and if you do have this really bad illness, know it just a plague, you only have to go with god.
I apologise cause my bad grammar. I’m not english native speaker.
Peace out.

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