Day 264 – Report card, exercise and new friendship

Thursday, November 17th 2016

Today was good. I started off by going to technology class and I finished editing my super speed video. It’s not great looking, but not bad for a first time. If we were more aware of how the video would be edited, we might of filmed it differently, but I still like the final product.

I then had math. We corrected our quiz and I did most things correctly, then we learned some more subjects about our chapter. I seem to be doing okay with that part. Thought I wasn’t for a second until I noticed I wrote 0.8 for 8% when it’s 0.08. So at least it was just a calculation error.

At lunch I sat with a close friend while some volunteers surrounded us in the cafeteria, because of 6th graders visiting, and I was then alone for a while, because she had to leave, but another close friend of mine came by. They both had meetings on both different halves of our lunch time. For the second friend, since the first one we didn’t really talk (we can’t really find anything in common), we talked about school and where she went for four days.

I then went over to programming class and as I was closing my Blender work to continue making a chat box for my website, I got a message on screen saying that we have a free period. So that was a funny way of our teacher announcing that. Instead of continuing my website, I went to continue my X-Wing in Blender, because I need to finish it eventually. Just doing the general shape instead of the minor details. I’m going to later colour it, probably very simply, but at least it’ll get the job done for now. I don’t really have time to go to the smallest detail on the ship.

I finished the day with cooking class and we had a substitute, but not any substitute. It was Mme Chill. You heard it, Chill. It’s cause her last name has “Chil” in it and she’s a chill substitute, so people call her that. I had her in 10th grade for my history class, because our teacher was absent for a week or so, and she left, since she was leaving for an eight month trip to go hiking in another country I believe, but she came back! And she’s now going to go teaching in another country, so it’s interesting to hear her accomplishments. Apparently also she went to our school and that most teachers here taught her. That’s really nice to hear.
   As I was trying to listen/work, Megg Gawat was messaging me, so I was multitasking between him, my work and my friend that kept bugging me by jokingly saying “Get off your phone!” or “Stop talking to this guy!”, so I finally had to tell him that I had to leave. I lazily filled in my work and got my report card in return. I did very, very well. I have 81% in my cooking class, 85% in my math class, 94% in my programming class and 99% in my technology class! Well, technically 98.8 and whole bunch of other numbers, but my teacher rounded it for me, which I appreciate.

When I got home I discussed my report card with my parents and then my possible OCD a little with my dad (which he mentioned apparently my brother also checks the water taps, so now my mom wants me to solve this mystery for both of us) before hopping on the treadmill. I stretched for a minute, hopped on at 3mph for 8 minutes, just a light jog since I didn’t do exercise for 2 years, so I won’t be a marathon runner at the start, then decided to push myself a little, by doing a small run at 8 minutes at 4mph, then stopping at 10 minutes, and finishing with some stretching. What I don’t like about running though is constantly having the time on the treadmill in your face, so time goes by so slowly, cause you’re staring at every second going by. Gonna have to try to cover it up or watch YouTube while running to not be as bored.

I then went on the server for quite a bit, before talking to Megg Gawat some more. He had quite the interesting idea in mind. He wants our friendship to be based around support, to help each other out, which is quite interesting. I had people in real life approach me for support, but not on the internet where the friendship is mostly that. It’s odd, and I had my fair share of odd, but a good thing at the same time. I’m curious to see where it’s going to lead, and we might end up helping each other out quite some bit.

I hanged out on the server some more while watching some X-Factor and [Country]’s Got Talent videos. I decorated the polis with some Christmas “lights” (just wool and spruce fences) and now I’m here. I’m gonna finish watching YouTube then go to bed. By the way, I’m Mercusius on PewDiePie’s Tube Simulator, so I welcome any gifts in game, haha. I also give them out whenever the cooldown is up.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Good job on starting to run!

    Time moves by SO slowly on a treadmill. If the treadmill is in a private room, you can practice singing your favorite songs while running – then the time will seem to just vanish. Plus you get better at singing 🙂

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