I am a stubborn person.

I’m so eager to see you again.

But I wouldn’t ask to see you.

Not because I’m proud.

In fact, in front of you I cede all my pride yet only if you asked to see me.

Our meeting would be meaningful to me.

                                                                                                         by Simone de Beauvoir 1950


I am a stubborn person.

Although everyone let me contact you and I do really want to do, I just can’t break the promise which I made with myself. Am I afraid to lose you because I am stubborn? Yes, I am. But to me, it would be meaningless if you don’t want to keep in touch with me.

However I am not in a good condition. I don’t want you to know that too. I am so negative now. I don’t want to influence you.

All is my excuse. I am just a stubborn person. I want to see what will happen if I don’t do the thing which everyone told me to do.

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