Lol he just made himself become a stupidity.

Last night so I was talking to one of my ex. We broken up in late mid of July of this year. We both still contact each other since we have same class together. I know he likes to joke a lot. But his jokes just not funny he likes to grab things out of a serious convo or a basic convo and turn it into a joke. What happen is all started with him texting me “Hehe cuddling in cold weather would be nice lol”. Then we got to a point of talking about him being insecure about his body. And he asked me “Do you like my body 😮 ?” I replied back “I don’t care what body u got dork”. And I was trying to brighten that moment up so he can be loving his body more. Then I ask him how he feel now? Then he replied “sleepy lol”. Literally that’s a very turn off. So, I said to him “wasted my time”. Then he said he is joking. And saying I took things serious. I don’t think I took it serious. I was trying to make a bright moment. He could of just respond back “he feel very special and thank you”, but nope. And said is joking. Now I literally just think that everything that we talked about is a joking to him. Yet, will not take things serious. 

Then later on… he called me an jerk. He is the one being an jerk to me first. And I said to him “he does not care about other people feeling and need to think before speaking to a lady”.  Then he said “only the ladies, alright got it”… this is just made himself stupidity and have many things to learn. He need to start to turn things around. Ugh… 

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