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i already posted a text today, but i didn’t feel like i got to write down everything. i guess you could say this is my first real journal, in the other one i just wrote about why i’m here, so in this i’ll be writing about my day today. 

this morning my alarm woke me up at 6.30 am, but i was kinda tired so i thought i would just relax in bed a couple of minutes, but of course this led to me falling asleep again and waking up at 11.00 am, i was late for school and I’ve already been too late several times this year, so i decided that i would just stay home and say i was sick. sat home most of the day sipping coke and texting people on chatous, nothing special. later a friend of mine asked if i wanted to go to the mall with him and just hang out, i hadn’t got anything better to do so i said yes. 6.30 pm we went to the mall, ate at macky D’s and walked around chatting for a while, came home at 9.30 pm, on my way home i started chatting with this really cute and funny japanese girl from new York, after a while we started chatting on kik, now it’s 5 am, I’ve been staying up listening to music and watching youtube, i couldn’t have slept anyways i’m not tired.

today’s featured image is a pic of Donald J. Trump as a teenager. enjoy.


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