little girl who walked on by
shining much brighter than all the stars
she was more than a supernova

the evil fire had struck that very night
sending her straight to Eternal Nirvana
a little fairy had been harmed
but now and forever she is saved
from the heartlessness of all hearts

we’re all wondering why
another innocent soul had to die
it was all the same old twisted cause
a faith tainted by hatred
violence that cost the loss of kindness

what for?
why do they keep going for more?
why do they wreck what is peaceful
turning it into something gore?

once again, this world is way too cruel
you deserve a much better place, little girl
in the meantime, we’re picking up the same old pieces
a fainter hope among the ruins

let no other families suffer from this
no more, please
none of these sick blues
let the children be safe and protected too…


(Jakarta, 16/11/2016 – 8:05 pm)


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