Short on sleeping

Yes, it’s been a very busy day. Crazy coding all day and time went by so fast. Good thing is that I’m getting my work done. It’s getting close to be the point that I can show to people in the team. I have been dreaming for awhile to this to go live. I know we still have a lot more to go but I need to take this second step desperately so I can see the result on my eyes. Patience is needed like the other guy said but I gotta do my best to get this go as fast as possible. Good progress today! Back home around 7 PM and noticed that I feel super tired. Got out of my apartment to go to gym but changed my mind. Ended up at the Korean grocery market on Western and had a huge dinner myself. Back home and went sleep right away. It was later 10 PM but still earlier than I usually go to bed. Hoping I feel refreshed and recharged tomorrow.

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