Someone help???

Ok so… I am literally crying right now. Parent teacher conferences are coming up and about 4 weeks ago I moved into Algebra 1 which is 9th grade math. (I am in 8th grade) My favorite teacher(who is also my French teacher) teaches algebra1 so I was so so excited for that class. ¬†Especially after how boring pre-algebra has been. But I have been failing algebra one the rule is if you’re semester grade averages into a B you can pass into algebra 2 first quarter I had to make up 6 weeks of tests and quizzes in 1 1/2 weeks. I made the first quarter out with a 76 or C I was so so depressed. I have always been good at math. And today I got a quiz back and got a 69% I worked so so hard and parent teachers conferences are coming up help?

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  1. i wouldn’t give a shit, whatever happens happens, but thats just me, good luck

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