This is something new.

I’m in the library right now. There is a crazy looking guy five seats to my right playing on his computer ad whispering to himself. Three spaces to my right there is an older man drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. There is a loud air conditioner to my left. It’s 10:12 and I’m kinda cold.

I can see the coldness outside. The trees are constantly moving cause the wind is so strong. There was frost on my moms car this morning and she delayed herself going to work by being on the computer for almost two hours. 

I’m sitting in front of a window and its so weird to see the backs of the buildings in my town. I admit it looks nicer than the front of the building. I guess thats the same way I think of some people. The back is clean-cut, friendly looking, and casual, but the front is bruised, judgmental, and jagged. Its hard to understand what people have been through, and especially when they have scares from their stories.



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