Thursday journal

This week is going by very quick. I was pretty busy today too at work. Didn’t really have time to interact with others which makes me depressed little lol. However, I got at the point that I wanted to be. Tomorrow, I can show what I have so far to the people in the team and move to next step. I wish I know more to make more progress in backend but that will require much more time than collaborating with developers which I actually want this to be. There will be much more work to do but I’m excited that it’s going and can’t wait to see it goes live. I just gotta keep pushing and work to make it happen. I believe that it will open up lots of possibilities in the future.

Got off at 7 and went to Hollywood with Dosung for dinner. Had wings and beer at BBW. Always nice to go there once in awhile and talk in Korean. Dinner was not that long but we also went a quick shopping and one more drink at the bar down the street. It was a short nice night out with a friend after a long week that has not ended yet lol. Back home took a shower and writing journals now. 11:58 PM already. I gotta go to sleep now for tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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