A peek in the life of a Girl

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to read this. This is my story. Welcome. 


I will not tell the general facts about myself, that is for you to figure out. What I will tell you is how I ended up here and what I am, however, you be the judge of this life.

One incident, one day, one hour, one lie, one truth, one joke, one post at a time. So, let me start by sharing something about how long I have been here. Landed up here at the turn of the century, seen decades here, decades of change and incomprehensible things. You pick my age, howsoever your reason let’s you choose. 

Been here long enough to be able to question, understand and formulate change.


I started with my age, as it is the first thing about a character that let’s you connect and relate with its experiences, and life. I let you choose so that you understand this story in your own unique way. No two people ever read the same story. 

Thanks again for stopping by, see you in another post. 🙂 

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