Day 265 – Trying to save a server

Friday, November 18th 2016

Today was not the most interesting one, but relaxing. I woke up around nine, watched YouTube and stayed on the couch for three hours, since I was too tired to get up, then spent another 40 minutes on my phone before finally taking a shower. After that, I went on the computer, played Dead by Daylight with staff and to hanged about on the server. It’s a shame, because we are running out of donations on our server, so it might close. We all really love this server and don’t want it to die. I recommend it if you enjoy Pixelmon; the website is  You don’t have to donate, but more players the better. Speaking of which, spent my time today helping out by recruiting players. I also did the dishes and watched a ton of YouTube… a ton. I found Tape Face, or also known as The Boy Who Has Tape On His Face. He’s a really good comedian, kind of mime-ish. He just has a really creepy, yet intriguing persona. I recommend checking him out; he has a lot of videos on YouTube.

Sorry this entry was short, didn’t do much at all.

That’s all for today.

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