Friends From England….

Wow, where to begin.

We had guests, Mick and Tony from England visited and spent a few nights with us. It was super to see Mick again and to meet Tony. They stopped by after arriving in Atlanta and spent a few nights and then went on to Tulsa Oklahoma for a huge gun show. 

Then after the show they stopped here on their way back to atlanta for their flight home.

Mick picked up some very nice antique firearms, I really fell in love with a fine Double Barrel Flintlock Fowler of French design. This sweet little Fowler is of 20 bore. It comes up to your shoulder with a fluid flow like water or maybe silk drifting over your flesh. Amazing, simply amazing. He had other beautiful guns, but I knew I could not afford any of them.

While we were taking the muzzle loaders apart for shipment I could not help but drool over the French Fowler, and finally I bravely asked how much. He offered it to me at his cost and I was blown away and immediately started digging out a credit card. But to my dismay, he did not have a “Square” to accept payment. I was shattered. As we worked the evening away he told me to pay him when I could! I almost squealed in delight!

Once all the packing was done he told me he would go to the back and withdraw funds to cover shipping. I told him I would cover the cost to go against the price of the Fowler! This was an agreement we both liked!

The following day I took Mick and Tony shooting. I had more fun then them as I watched them shooting. Tony fell in love with my AR15 having never shot one, and this one, a BushMaster is a wicked deadly accurate thing! I took my AR, , AK, M1a, several different 1911 .45’s, Glock, Dan Wesson .357 mag. and a little .32 Beretta. It was a grand time and we shot for about 5 hours!

I miss them and look forward to seeing them again this spring!

Had a great week at work!

Debbie is healing well!

Life is good and I am blessed!

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