Hey, it’s ya boi – day 4

hey, everyone, today has been kinda shit, i was supposed to work on my causerie for school, but i haven’t been feeling very productive or creative and i just feel i couldn’t write anything good rn no matter how hard i tried, this means i’m  gonna have to work tonight and a lot tomorrow, I’ve been feeling kinda down today without any specific reason, i think it might have something to do with me not having slept a lot lately, or maybe it’s something completely different, not a lot has actually happened today, this morning i did all my chores for the day thinking i would feel better when i was done, but i didn’t, so i turned on some loud music and slept until dinner, i had some very clear and long dreams while sleeping, i don’t believe that dreams have any meaning or message or anything, but i do believe they reflect what you’re thinking about atm, often things you’ve seen, heard or done the same day or week or something you were reminded of or thought of that day, my dream reminded me of my past and some bad memories, i have no idea why i was dreaming of it, but maybe it’s the reason why i’m not feeling well, my family and i are gonna visit my grandma, after that i’m going to the cinema with my uncle to see doctor strange, looking forward to it and hope it will make me more relaxed, this is all for now, if you wanna private chat hmu @birdperson01 on kik, i would love if anyone could be my model (i need to practice drawing people), just send me some pics if you’re interested.


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