On better ground now

You don’t know me nor do I know you, but yet here you are…reading my entry. Don’t worry, I do the same with others. I guess you can say I am looking to escape my own reality and see it through the eyes of another. So, here’s what’s been going on.

I was put on “Attendance Probation” for calling in sick with no sick hours. Reason? My ex had surgery and needed help taking care of the “Offspring”.  Being the father I promised to be, I had to accommodate to my child first. With that in mind, I still have my medical and dental knowledge at my disposal to help aid with her healing process. As always though, nobody really listens to experience until it’s too late. I always feel I have to put everyone first except for myself. I know it sounds wrong and I’m ashamed of it, that’s why writing and venting go well together.

Still with me? Cool

I have been working on my first Novella and I am really excited about it! In the past, I would try to write my stories but I ended up stopping at like, chapter 2 or something. I am finishing Chapter 7 and I still have a ways to go. If you’re interested, it’s a combination of old Victorian era with horror. Something my little mind conjured up from scratch. I hope to have the whole thing finished by the end of the month, just so I can take my time to edit. I am still up in the air about going through a publishing agent or if I should self-publish, if you’re still reading, I’d love to have your opinion on the matter.

I am slowly renovating my room in the basement. I finally have some pictures up and a shelf. I am waiting to get a new hammock to sleep in, so I guess the one I’m using now will have to suffice.

With my past entries on here, I was drawn back to try my hand at writing again. I still keep up with the entries on here and I am still learning to see life through another’s view. I don’t know what you’re going through, so, in a sense…teach me what you’re doing to handle the situation you’re in.

My mind has been on the fritz. It’s funny how we have family members and friends that we can run to, but only to have them not really care what’s going on with you. In a way, I’m glad I don’t have that many friends (honestly, I don’t)…if I can’t handle my own issues, then why burden myself with another’s, yeah?

I guess I’ll get back to renovating some more and probably watch a movie or 5 on Netflix. It always seems to calm me down when I’m like this.

If you made it this far, congrats! You don’t have to keep reading…no seriously, you can stop. Well, if you’re still reading, I hope that you have a great day and maybe…just maybe…something will make you smile today!



2 thoughts on “On better ground now”

  1. Can’t wait to read your novella. I enjoy your writing style immensely. Add your depiction of events + horror and I’m in line buying a ticket.

  2. I’m excited about it! It’s a mixture of Steampunk, goth, and horror…fictional of course. I try to distract myself from it, making sure that it still catches my attention.

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