that’s how I feel

I know it is hard to speak soft sentences with razors filling your mouth. And you proudly said, “I never told you I was nice”.
how is that supposed to make me feel, I have known you for 12 long years, 12 years, more than half of my life and you chewed me up and spit me out laughing, wanting me to forgive you. are you crazy?

I have spent nights on end on the phone with you because you couldn’t sleep, you made sure I didn’t either by wanting some comfort you could find in a book, in a film, in your parents. but no, you wanted to drag me down to hell and back up, telling me it was my fault.
no this is not just about the loss of sleep, I would pray for that to be the only thing.

I am glad that I am used to this by now because I know I’ll meet others like you. people who go for the throat with sharp teeth. I know I will, people who makes blood pool up in your mouth. I am fucking leaving you, I am leaving.

from “you could say I am angry” – knight 🙂

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