Feeling rubbish

Wish I didn’t go out last night. Going out is fun until the next day , and your suffering with a hangover and whatever else is going on … major over thinking major blues major regrets , all seem such a big deal . Really wish I knew when to call it a day when I go out , so that I’m not out till all hours in the morning. Wish I wasn’t so easily influenced to go out and think it’s a good idea when really I don’t have the money or shouldn’t waste my energy and the next day after. Just puts me in a bad mind frame , makes me feel negative.

I need to start to learn to say no and focus on me what I need to do , not wasting time going out to some rubbish bars that are awful. Alcohol isn’t doing any good either or other things.. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling rubbish”

  1. Yeah hangovers are pretty bad. I had one today and it feels terrible, it’s still lingering even now. Usually you can take an ibuprofen to make it go away, or just do what I do and drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits, try to take a nap.

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