I must lose weight

As of right now, I weigh somewhere between 520 and 560. I’d like to be down to 450 in the next four months. I want to get down to 200 in the next year, so I can get a decent paying job. This journal is here to document my weight. I’m considering buying a photo album and disposable cameras to do that because idk, personal thing? I suppose  I could be an inspiration to someone else as I do this. I don’t want surgery or anything, I want to do this on my own.

I think it’ll  be easy to get it off, if I put my mind to it but it’s keeping it off that worries me. I don’t want to reach like 175 in the next two years and end up gaining it all back because i think I can eat whatever I want. I’ll have cheat days here and there, maybe twice  a month, but nothing even major then. Today I ate a cup of cereal with milk, a sandwich, banana and a handful of chips. and Then a little too much pasta and two pieces of bread with butter with it. I’ll do better tomorrow. At least I’m more conscious.

I want to be a size 12 in jeans. And a X-Large or 1x in shirts. I’d really like to get things from ETSY.

Tonight I’m going to walk. And brush my teeth. Brush my hair. I have very poor hygiene due to being so big, and I’m incredibly lazy. I need to pick up good habits. I also have mental illnesses out the wazoo. But I can. That’s all I want to say.

Next time I’ll upload photos. I’ll do it every six weeks to document if I’m getting smaller or not. Put my shame in the public eye. lol I’m not really sure how to upload photos though? If I figure it out, I’ll upload two one front and one side. Then as time goes on, I’ll upload previous photos and recent. Seems legit.

That’s it from me. See you next time.

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  1. Hello Mandi. I too come from obesity, but mine wasn’t quite as extreme as yours. That’s a lot of weight to lose. I really don’t think getting down to 200 in one year is even possible, but please prove me wrong. I exercised almost daily and ate healthily for 2 years and I only dropped 45 pounds (you can see pics in my Journal Day 27 post).

    The hardest thing about losing weight is that it isn’t instant. It’s a lifetime of consistently applied effort. Results won’t even show for weeks or months, and the results will be minor. But if you take a before and after, 1 year and 1 year later of consistent effort, then the results shine.

    The easiest part about losing weight is it’s fully under your control. If you just eat a small amount of food every meal, losing weight is inevitable. But again, it takes a long time to lose any weight.

  2. Thank you for your kind and insightful comment! And I know how hard it is to lose weight. I was in two weight management in patient environments as a teen. I’ve always been this big (surprised I’m not dead yet really) and it’s actually a lot easier to lose weight when you weigh as much as me. The smaller you are, the harder it is to lose. For example, my mom reached 280, just after gastric bypass (she weighed 429) and now it’s taken her i think five years to get down to 205. But that’s with lots of moving around and barely eating anything. She doesn’t exercise. If I take what you say, eat small amounts and exercise daily, then I can probably lose 150 lbs to 200 hundred in a year because it’s only a small dent in how much I weigh. Just the bigger you are, the easier it is to lose, but at certain points you hit plateaus or just get to small to lose fast, which can be discouraging but I’m older and wiser now, so I should be fine.

    Again, thanks for the comment. Seeing someone being encouraging and trying to offer advice from a place where they’ve been there means a lot. So, thank you.

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