Old fashion Love Song

What comes to mind when we hear a beautiful song, that not only touches our hearts and souls, we want to share it with that special person in our life.

No drama, no stress…just pure love.

It makes us want to slow dance in the oddest of places. The kitchen when dinner is being made, under the stars in the front yard, a parking lot with the windows of the car rolled down…anywhere honestly. That’s what makes that song come to life.

For most, that special someone is near and dear though sometimes distracted with the worries of life. Then there are those who wish to share that moment but dread hearing something so beautifully profound only to realize…you’re alone.

Being a part of both worlds, the songs I listened to have a memory attached (No brainer, right?). We contemplate the negative of that moment while drowning out that time we once felt special…even if it was for a measly 3:27 minutes.

What I’m getting at is you are special. You do make hearts flutter and even if it was for a few seconds, you are the center of attention. So don’t be afraid to listen to that song that puts you in the heart of the universe. Feel special, truly smile, and just get carried away by the words that sync so well with the harmony.

Nothing beats an old fashion love song, something I hope to find again.

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