Raining Sunday in Los Angeles

I think I heard sound of rain drop last night when I’m on the bed but didn’t expect to see the rain today. The day I wanted to and planned to go skating on the LA trail with friends!!! Can’t believe this is happening on the day I actually planned something lol So that had to be postponed 🙁 I’m so sad about this since I didn’t go to the Friday night skate this weekend. 2:10 PM now and gotta find some other things to do now. Went church at 12 PM and had actually had a good service. Feel like I got some inner peace from just being there and not to think about things around me for a moment. It’s getting better!

Still raining outside not too much tho. Just enough to get wet if you walk down for a block. Thinking about going Chinatown to try a Korean restaurant called Chego that I have been meaning to try from when I was in Chicago. Then maybe go to coffeeshop around. Just don’t have a charger for my laptop so I can’t really stay long or work on something. Well, idk but I will just go have a lunch for now with my laptop.

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