When life sucks!

Hey… maybe I wanna write something…. why should I write something…like..anything about a life where I myself have no control!!! Really… I’ve messed things up …. everything! literally I’ve lost all the controlling powers over my own life and for that, I can’t blame anybody else except me!!  I should’ve been stronger and more self-confident to make my desired things happen !! but I couldn’t go against my parents… couldn’t say anything  going against their wishes…just did everything like a hand puppet …  even let the worst to happen in my life…these whole medical things are all of my faults!! if I didn’t take things that much serious I definitely could escape the cage of medical life… but… I couldn’t …. couldn’t make it up!! couldn’t shape the life perfectly!! So, yah… M a loser!! A big loser…. loser to myself… loser to my life… loser to my own future..!! what more to hear!! can you imagine of any bigger loser than me?? probably not!!.. what if I was strong enough to materialize my own dream….. what if I didn’t care about what people say!!! what if….

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