I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only 4 days away! We are having to do things differently this year because when I called to reserve the room for our dinner I’d found it was already booked! I was disappointed but I talked to the family and they are all making other plans so it wasn’t like they had no place else to go.  DM, SM and RJ are planning on going to my ex’s for dinner.  My nephew invited me to come to his place, my aunt and uncle are going to their churches dinner and invited me but honestly I think I am just going to stay home and enjoy the alone time!  SM and DM will bring me a plate home and since he and I both learned to cook from his mom I know it’s going to be good! lol  It will taste even better since I didn’t have to cook it!! lol 

Everything else is going well. DM has been accepted into the rehab she was wanting to get into and will be going in on December 8th.  SM got her mid-terms and is on track to graduate after the first semester.  So she only has 5 more weeks of  school!!  It’s so scary to think she will be graduating soon and in April she will be 18 and legally an adult! Arrrrrrgh! lol  RJ is doing fine…..just your typical opinionated 2 yr old!! lol  

Summer is finally over I think…..we had record temps in the mid 70’s on Thursday and Friday but it dropped in the 20’s overnight Friday and was cloudy and blustery and never got out of the 30’s all day yesterday.   Today was somewhat better…..mid 40’s but at least it was sunny!  We’ve just had a laid back Sunday.  I made a pot of chili and we sat around in our jammies watching Thanksgiving shows on YouTube.  So far we watched 3 different versions of the history of Thanksgiving, Mouse on the Mayflower, Garfield’s Thanksgiving and the Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving is on now.  

I have a package to get ready to mail for my Grandson #1’s birthday.  It was last week but one of his gifts I ordered online (basketball warm-up pants) never arrived on time so I’m sending it to him since I probably won’t make it to see him anytime this week. I’ll drop it off at the post office tomorrow morning. So I guess I’ll go for now.

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