Culture and the Family

Many gay men and lesbian women aren’t accepted by their families because of their sexual identities. Jane and Amie’s families are accepting of their sexualities.”Jane and I are not concerned that our families will disapprove of her pregnancy, but we are still not certain how they will react” (Miller, 2010, P. 37). The reactions were very positive from their parents and supportive as well. 

There are plenty of books for expecting mothers who are carrying the child but there aren’t any books for the non-biological mom. When searching through the book store Jane found herself in the expecting mothers section and Amie found herself relating more to the expecting fathers section. This is when Amie started to feel like a “faux dad” rather than a mother to their future child.

Jane was to be called mommy and Amie was to be called mama. And it frustrated Amie when Jane would accidently mess the two up or used them intermingled. She wanted their names to be separate things because to most children mama and mommy are the same person but that’s not the case for their child. Amie is trying to become and equal parent. 

Amie has to deal with the guilt of being seen as the biological mother in public but at the same time not wanting to correct anyone because she is also their child’s mother. 


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