Same-sex marriage is just becoming more excepted by people and legally by many states in the US. Now there is something the book calls a “gayby” boom. Many same-sex parents are deciding to become parents. Amie and Jane after 20 years of being together finally decided to become parents. They needed to decide between insemination or adoption. Amie and Jane decided to go with insemination. They mention in the book how adoption is more popular for gay men than lesbian women.

Amie after many failed attempts (2 years) to be the one to carry the baby, they decided it was Jane’s turn to try. After one try Jane became pregnant. 

Some family members weren’t happy because of their age (too old) and friends weren’t very thoughtful with their comments. This isn’t uncommon for same-sex couples to experience doubt from outsiders. 

Amie and Jane are married by union rather than marriage  

The couple sometimes worried about what other people would think about them and how they would handle certain situations as parents.

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