For Starters……

All i ever wanted was a decent guy, one id be proud to have stand beside me, hold long conversations with, respect, have a future with! I guess the same thing most females in the world long for. Years go by and i found myself in one dead end relationship after another, even tried dating girls, and nothing! Then one night i went out and yeah i might of had one to many but i met this man, the type of man id never soberly go after and next thing i know its 6 years later and were still together. Altho it hasn’t  been perfect, actually far from it we still managed to stay together. He has been so submissive and so easy to make him into what i want its rather annoying. I want to scream, ” Grow some balls!” Just once i wish he would stand up to me. I dont want to be the dominate one, i dont want to make all the choices, i do however want the type of relationship where the male is head of the house and makes the rules. I cant respect this guy no matter how hard i try, but he is overall a good guy. Should i suck it up or move on???? 

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