I wish I could say no love found no love lost

I am tired of this shit.

I am so fucking tired of his ass .

why does he treat me like I am a piece of shit like I am nothing to him?

maybe I am nothing to him but shouldn’t he still try like damn

I gave you my body, my whole day, I give you me when you want me

I can not keep doing that for a man who cant even give me an answer, a few minutes when I want it.

the only time he is okay with spending time with me is when he wants to but that is rarely and when we do he seems so unhappy and he will not talk to me about what is bothering him.

that is not how relationships work

it sucks

I am tired of loving somebody who can not be real who can not tell me how they feel.

it is probably my fault I know it is.

it has to be because if I didn’t ask for so much it would probably be fine…

I just love him and loving him wants him to be open and honest and spend time together…

I just don’t want to lose him and soon we are going to split ways and I just want him as much as I can before we part ways and start our lives.. and he doesn’t want to spend all the time we can together before then and it just makes me mad..

so I am complaining.. lol

I am sorry


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