Isn’t it Beautiful?

After an hour of being awake and procrastinating on my novella, I chose to write on GNJ. With the days getting colder and our first little flurry of snow gone and passed, it reminded me of another reason I love to share my writing with “You”.


Each little snowflake, so fragile falling from an endless cloud, drifts unknowing to its destination. White and pure, this unique little crystal of cold enters our lives just for a brief moment. I can’t help but stand there (mimicking a tree or garden decoration) and watch them fall gracefully on me. One by one, they land ever so softly onto my jacket and beanie hugging the fabric that keeps me warm. I stare at them, like a kid in a snowglobe, and watch them melt away. This may sound weird but I didn’t want them to disappear. Did I love them too much to grow attached so quickly? Only questions rambled my mind until one little flake landed on my lips. Opening my heart, I tasted the reason why I love snow. Cold and bitter as they enter the world but upon meeting someone, they melt away leaving only their thanks for embracing someone who loved them, even momentarily. 


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