Journal Day 28

Well today (Sunday) was mostly a really short and boring day. I woke up this morning with a hangover that lasted me throughout the entire day, making me just want to not do anything and relax the entire day. I’m paying for it now, the next day, because I have a few different things I have to do this morning (Monday morning) that I procrastinated on.

Around noon we went over to a ramen restaurant to have some ramen. I don’t think I’ve ever formally ate at a restaurant specializing in ramen, but here we were. To be honest, I like pho a lot more than ramen because it was a bigger bang for the buck. Ramen is basically the same thing as pho, just less noodles, and more other ingredients, also there’s a whole lot less soup. I’d describe ramen as exactly the same as pho except there’s less water, less noodles, and more other ingredients. Plus ramen is slightly decorated so it looks appeasing when it gets to your plate.

Some good news though, LG2MT is mostly completed. I still haven’t gotten the Medium site to post the items properly, but the other sites are done. It can post on LiveJournal, GoodNightJournal, MegawattApps, and Tubmlr simultaneously, just not Medium yet. Another feature to add is the ability to post photos. Right now it can only post text because adding a photo to each post is different per website. I think that’s the next feature to be worked on.

Anyway, I was eventually drove back home and I didn’t really do much. Hangover and laziness looming over me, I lied down and took naps often.

When I got home I ate some of the hummus, dipping in my sweet potato chips. But then I read online that the hummus company that made this hummus I was eating, had a recall because of listeria concerns. I threw away the remaining hummus for fear I’d be affected, but by that point I’d already eaten more than half of the package.

I talked with Observant Bystander for a bit, and I told her I was going to go outside to walk at night, something I usually do. But it was freezing and windy. I went back in and watched Catherine gameplay videos while working on LG2MT for a bit. It’s games like Catherine that really make me wish I had a useful skill. This game is just so artistically and well made that I wish I could make games like that. It’s so good. I fell asleep in front of the computer, not intentionally. All I remember was I was on the computer and the next moment it was 7 AM.

So today was a really short day. I didn’t get anything done except I did work on LG2MT more and it’s mostly completed now. Overall today was a short day. IMO it was a wasted day, if that was my last day to live, I’d be really disappointed.

Selfie for the day

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