My life

This is my life story in 2000 I lost my mom and my family was broke up while being put in foster homes. 

4 years later I get adopted with one of my brothers who I love and hold closely. 

Than I battled with my past and had to deal with losing a mother so young with other thing that happened in our green house. 

Turned 18 than left because of argument I had so I moved to be with my real family. 

Put my ass in high school and found a job to help my dad out. Than had to drop out to work full time boy was my dad upset.

I started to party with family and smoke weed but I did make money.

I had every fucked up relationship their was i was seeking for the love from a dad from guys but was never happy until I met my husband online than we had two boys. 

My dad disowned me because of his skin color but I knew you were proud of me mom cuz he was a great man and father.

Till this day I regret not having you daddy in our life’s and I wish I could have but your old ways was what u couldn’t handle because of the big heart I have I try to please everyone in our family. 

My mind is so drained trying to build this wall up around my broken heart. 


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