Thoughts on my mind

 I use to not like cats that much. I have always been a “dog person” ever since I outgrew my cradle. Cats are annoying. They wake you up in the earliest hours of the morning. They push all of your stuff off of any surface. They constantly rub themselves against your shoes. Litter boxes are the grossest things ever.

Yeah. That is how I use to feel. Toothless, my angel changed all that. The intelligence behind her green eyes lured me in hook, line, and sinker.

We are re-learning how to live without her. The house feels colder and empty. What is a really strange coincidence is that she passed away on the anniversary of my friend’s death. We make this joke about how Amy musta really needed a cat.

Other than grieving for my beloved kitty, life has been generally okay. I got another raise at work. Big boss and I had a meeting about different management strategies. I wish he applied the concepts to his own shifts, but no one is perfect.

Tonight I will be training a new cook. I have not worked with her before. The word on the street is that she is not a quick learner. My hope is that is that she will pick things up better under my instruction. I prefer to be encouraging and praise goes a long way. I am praying that her technique is on point and that we will just be able to focus on accuracy and speed.

I wish I had more to write about, but I just don’t. Words have been escaping me lately. 

I will be trying an all juice diet pretty soon. I have managed to stabilize my weight. 5 lbs is all I really want to lose. I am definitely not looking forward to 2 weeks with no coffee.

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