To My Lover

words can’t express what I feel

I just know the feelings are real

mind to lips, a song set adrift, words are there but concealed

a love meant to be, through unspoken words it is revealed

you color the world in your own unique eyes

my sexy lover with no disguise

you’ve helped me to learn to love again

you’re the inspiration for my frustrated pen

the source of my energy and creativity

giving me hope for every possibility

your beautiful soul, I find solace in your smile

forever engraved in my memory file

you have my trust, which most do not hold

encased in your heart made of pure gold

what can I say? you now own my heart

nothing in this world can tear us apart

you understand me more than I understand myself

that’s worth more to me than any amount of wealth

the calming of your presence, the intensity of your kiss

love’s impassioned thirst is so hard to resist

your confident, yet affectionate and gentle way

with an unapparent loyalty saying you’re here to stay

with a love this pure and strong

shows that together we belong

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