Day 268

Monday, November 21st 2016

Today was not the most interesting one, and a much more boring one where I was tired most of the time, because it was a Monday and I was hoping for a snow day,since suddenly there’s snow everywhere, but it wasn’t.

First class of the day I had was math. Kohai told me she was sick and couldn’t go to school, so I took notes for her and we learned about logs. It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be, probably cause most complicated things are in 12th grade, but I’m not taking functions next year anyway; I’ll be taking statistics.

Next class I had was technology, and because Kohai was absent, I continued on my X-Wing. It’s going pretty well, I only have to make the pilot window, the nose and finish the back, then I have to colour it a little.

At lunch I sat alone most of the time, since both of my friends were busy doing something else, until one of them joined me, because they couldn’t find my cooking teacher, which she was supposed to have a meeting with. I told her I’d tell my teacher that she was looking for her. Other than that during lunch, there was this group of 8th graders that held this “Fear Factor” event (you eat bunch of foods mixed in a blender and it comes out gross), but the thing is, it was not planned by the Student Council; they took the name of the event and the same idea, then put in a food that isn’t even allowed to be used by the school, which was yogurt. Now the Student Council will get in trouble for it, when it was really just some random 8th graders, so now the 8th graders will be in trouble along with the teacher that allowed it, because the Student Council is gonna point at them. They didn’t even raise money for anything. It’s alright if you want to do an event, but it’s a Student Council yearly event for every Halloween, so not really fair if you’re stealing it on top of using foods that aren’t allowed in those events.

Next up I had cooking class and there was a substitute teacher, explaining why my friend couldn’t find her. People watched a movie while I just played on my phone and found quite a few apps that I have yet to play. One I played a bit is called Seen (basically a guy trying to get with a girl through text), and one of the two others I got is called Deemo (seems kind of anime-ish).

I finished the day with programming and I didn’t do much in that class. I mostly just talked to staff while thinking of what to write on my website. We discussed our name meanings and how people mispronounce them.

When I got home, I went on the treadmill and ran for 3 more minutes than last time. My plan is to add 2-3 minutes every day, up to 30 minutes, and then be capable to go from a slow jog to a faster one. If I notice though I am struggling with the minutes I have, I’ll just stay with them until I build enough endurance to add a few more. It’s a little like the system I had for 9th grade, except every day and not every Thursday, and I have more time to build my endurance between each run.

Other than that, I was talking to Megg Gawat a little, but I had to leave him, since I was helping Kohai with math, teaching her what she missed. Discord was being a complete pain by not having any sound no matter what I did, so I had to restart my computer. After that, I played some Civilization V with a couple of people from staff. We are about to attack Arabia and I’ll be taking down a city near me while they are taking down the capital and another city. I’ll join them after I took over the one near me.

I’m gonna play a little on the apps I got and then go to bed.

That’s all for today.

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