Delusional Affection

I wasted so much time on him. Why do I think there’s anything in it for me? For God’s sake, he has a girlfriend now! Why can’t I just accept it?

This summer I convinced myself this guy totally liked me. How was I so sure? I wasn’t. And I feel so foolish for persuading myself that I actually had a chance with him (which he was single at the time). He is funny, incredibly handsome, has good manners, eloquent (which I find extremely alluring), and genuinely creative. We pretty much have the same sense of humor so I bit off more than I can chew & thought that we would hit it off. Multiple times of him leaving me on read, it was coming to my attention that we most likely can’t hit it off. Yet my delusional self held on to the ridiculous, and childish, fact that he is the one who texted me first – initiating conversation, so therefore he must like me in that type of way. 

It was apparent early on that he doesn’t like me in a romantic type of way, yet I’m still holding on to him despite him being in a happy relationship with his girlfriend! Aye yai yai … what is wrong with me!? Am I that insecure where I’m mentally holding onto (pretty much) a stranger? All I know for certain is that I need to move on from this guy and accept the rejection. Even so, the million dollar question is how shall I accomplish that? 

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