Economics, politics, religion, and education

Economics: Amie and Jane were both brining in an income to their partnership. Jane made more money at her job than Amie and that was one of the reasons for Amie becoming the stay at home mom. This is something heterosexual couples have to consider as well when the time comes.

Politics: “the law typically recognizes only one member of the same-sex couple as the biological parent and the other as the legal parent of a child”(Miller, 2010, P. 5). Jane carried the baby and was labeled the biological mother to Hannah and Amie who was married to Jane had to go to court to have her listed as the legal parent to their daughter. This is a struggle that heterosexual couples don’t have to go through because they are both biologically connected to the child. This seems unfair considering Jane and Amie are both Hannah’s mothers but Amie had no part in “creating” Hannah so in the eyes of the law she technically isn’t her mother till legal papers are filled out in court.

Religion: Amie grew up in a religious home where her father was a minister. She was religious as a child but slowly became less religious as she got older. “These days I am only a lukewarm believer in God”(Miller, 2010, P. 160).  Amie would sing church hymns to Hannah and rock her to sleep. Amie and Jane attend a “united” church where most people who attend are gay, lesbian, or transgender. They decided to have Hannah baptized there. Neither of the women mention being shunned by the church like many same-sex couples are.

Education: Both Amie and her partner Jane were well educated women. They both finished high school and they both went to college. They even met during their college years. Through out the book they weren’t seen as uneducated by any means and were both higher up in their field of work. Although, Amie left her job to become the stay at home mom but she picked up writing and used her education to compile this memoir. 

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