Journal Day 29

Writing this while at work in the morning. Well I’m taking off the rest of the week after today. Because of that, I’m going to destroy all the remaining work I have left. Can I get 9 hours of work done in 5 hours? Uh… Hell yes.

This is a few hours later. I have 3 hours left before I head out, and I’m around 80% done with the 9 hours of work. The only problem now is I’m pretty exhausted and I sort of have a headache. During the first hour I was pretty pumped, I got a lot done. Now I’m tired. I’ll still get the rest of this 20% completed though.

This is around 45 minutes after the last paragraph and I am finally done with everything. I did roughly 9 hours worth of work in around 3-4 hours? Something like that. I mean earlier I said I had 5 hours to complete everything, I still have around 2.25 hours left at work, so I finished everything in roughly 2.75 hours. 9 Hours of work in 2.75 hours, that is very fast.

That’s basically all the work I have assigned to me. I can take in some more work, but I’m already pretty exhausted. Plus I had more work assigned to me than anyone else, and I already finished everything there is to finish. So the next 6 days for me will basically be vacation. What better way to start it off than with a clean slate?

Alright so I have a lot of freedom for these six days. In general, I have a lot of freedom and autonomy in my life. I can basically do anything I want at will and there is not really anybody that tells me directly what to do; not my parents, not anyone from work, not any of my teachers, not any of my friends. These people can make suggestions, but there isn’t another person that has control over my actions or thoughts.

For example, back in my school days, I was under control of the school. It was mandatory that I attend school from morning to afternoon, it was mandatory that I was to be in a specific classroom at a specific time and I could not leave. At work, to compare, I can come in any any time and it’s not mandatory I be in the office. If I’m in the office it’s not mandatory I stay at a specific location, I can move around or sit somewhere else, or even go lie down.

The only problem with so much independence is that there are an unlimited number of things to do at any given time. I’m overwhelmed by choice, by the amount what I can do at any given time. Sometimes I feel like walking around and enjoying nature, just for no reason. Sometimes I feel like lying down, just for no reason. Other people don’t have such luxuries. Usually they have a lot of responsibilities like: kids to take care of, bosses to obey, school rules to follow, parents to follow.

I know I can be exceptional, I already am in the kind of work that I do. See, I just put my mind into completing 9 hours of work in the shortest time possible, and I was able to do it in roughly 1/3 of the time. I can program, I can make things. The problem is the creativity required. At work the assignment description is laid down and is simple to build. When I have so much freedom of choice, I don’t know what I want to make or do. I’m working on LG2MT which is mostly done, but then what? What is left in life?

Sometimes I know what to do. For example: get some clients, make them programs or websites. Easy enough, right? The problem is, it’s kind of hard. It takes effort to do that, and there’s a chance of failure. That’s the hardest thing on my plate, and I feel kind of lazy. Well, not lazy. I just feel as if I don’t have the energy or capability to do it, so I don’t even start. That’s a problem a lot of people have, there’s many more people who are more skilled than me, yet they’ve never had a single client, well me neither.

I guess I have 6 days to do things. There’s not really an excuse for not getting anything done. There’s just so much independence that I possess. I find life is a lot easier when there’s someone telling you what to do. There’s no one telling me what to do, so I have to keep myself responsible. I feel like I’d be the best employee if there was someone that told me exactly what I needed to do, but at the same time I got to keep all the profits.

Because I’m the only person that can really make me do anything, and because I’m the only person that knows exactly what I want, I’ll come up with a list of things I need to do to get what I want. It takes time.

I remember back in September I talked with a friend about how despite knowing exactly what I wanted, it would take a long time to reach. This was around 5 days after my birthday, after I turned 23. I felt so old. The deadline of when that problem was supposed to be solved, if everything went according to plan, was November 11th, 10 days ago.

That problem that I wanted to solve was to pay off all my debts. I’m a lot closer to the goal now, and I would have accomplished that goal sooner if I hadn’t purchased any random items I didn’t need (which I did). So now even if I pour in all my money, apart from my retirement savings, I still wouldn’t be able to pay it off. Even after I get the next paycheck, which is at the end of this week, I still wouldn’t be able to pay it all off. The earliest time I can accomplish this goal, if I don’t purchase anything, would be December 9th, 2016, the next next paycheck.

Well, to me now, December 9th 2016 isn’t too far away. It will arrive before I know it, and with that new paycheck, I should have enough to pay of all my debts. Back then in September though, while I was talking and complaining to a friend, November 11th was so far away. I said things like “I wish I could fast forward time, just to go to the 11th and already have it all paid off.” now November 11th is in the past, and no matter how hard I try, I can never go back to reach it. Time is valuable. It goes by quickly.

December 9th should be on Journal Day 48 of these journal entries. I’m on Day 29 right now, and the 48th seems so far away. That’s nearly double the amount of days I’ve kept track of so far, and every day is completely different from the previous day. I wonder what the future days will hold between now and Day 48. What happens after Day 48? Will I have finally paid off all my debts? Will I have to wait another two weeks because of more random and unnecessary spending? Will I have another source of income?

When I “destroyed” all my work today, I knew that in order to do that, I had to first come up with a plan. It took just a few minutes, but I divided my work into phases and inside each phase was a tiny part to do. I’d go into each phase in order, and inside each phase I’d accomplish every small task in order. Because a blueprint was laid down, everything was easy. I just had to follow it step by step, and I knew that after I was done, the end goal would have been completed.

So here are my phases for these 6 days, starting with my most boring work that I’ll grind through first, and then progressing into more difficult work. I’ll work on these and these only. I should have more than enough time to get everything done by the end of the week.

Phase 1: Organize

My computer desktop is a mess. There’s probably a hundred files on it just lying around. I have 4.86gb free on my computer out of 476gb. Easiest thing to do for me would be to order new hard drives and re-install the operating system, start with a clean slate. For around $900 I can upgrade my 512gb ssd storage into 3tb ssd storage using 2 2.5 inch drives and 1 msata drive.

Even though I want to, I won’t. I don’t have that kind of money to waste on an upgrade I don’t absolutely need. So instead I’m going to clean up my desktop by organizing files into folders and backing up files I don’t need to be on here.

– Put all my tasks into a spreadsheet
– Clean up computer desktop, leave no items
– Organize Documents, Pictures, Music, Video, and Programs folder
– Organize Downloads folder, move files out of there that belong to a different folder, empty it
– Back up files
– Uninstall any programs I don’t use / delete any files I don’t need on here


Phase 2: CS 1101 Homework

So I’m going to an online university. I went to two physical universities in real life for a year each, and I found out they were not for me. My credits transferred from one physical university to another, but they didn’t transfer online. So I have to start from scratch again. I’m 23, at the slow pace I’m going of 3-6 credits a term, it will take more than 4 years before I graduate. Again, this is something I have full independence in, depending on how I allocate my time, I can get everything done earlier than 4 years, but at my current pace, it will take a lot longer.

This CS 1101 course is easy. It’s something, even if I don’t read any of the homework reading assigned, I will still be able to complete with a near perfect grade from memory alone. Yet, I want to do the reading. I know later on my classes will become more difficult to the point I have to do the reading or fail, so I reasoned that I might as well do this easy reading now to warm me up for future work.

– Read the learning guide and complete the reading assignments
– Complete and submit the programming assignment
– Make entries to the Learning Journal
– Take the self-quiz


Phase 3: Udacity Learning

I’m taking up Udacity courses online along with my online university classes. A lot of the Udacity material I learn is actually new to me, so this will be harder for me than the CS 1101 classes. And I am pretty frustrated by this coursework too sometimes because of the creativity required. A lot of the work is open-ended, and I just am lost in exactly what I want.

– Complete the “Units, Formats, Environments” lesson
– Complete the “Images with Markup” lesson
– Complete the “Full Responsiveness” lesson
– Finish the Portfolio website project


Phase 4: To be created

– I don’t know yet


So phases 1 is a task I’ve been wanting to do since forever. Phase 2-3 are structured phases that are mandatory for me to do, there’s a linear order to these phases. Phases 4 and onward won’t have any linear order, and that’s why I haven’t come up with anything yet. On Thursday I’ll have new CS 1101 homework assigned, and that’ll be added as a phase too, but right now I don’t know what to add for phases 4 and onward.

Like I’ve been saying, there’s just so much autonomy and freedom that I have that it’s hard for me to come up with a 4th phase where I’m free to do anything to accomplish a certain feat. Actually, I have some drafts of what I may want. How about we do this?


Phase 4: Organize Part 2

– Get finances in order. Find out how much money I have available, including after getting the next paycheck in 3 weeks and paying off all my debts. There’s nothing I want to buy in Black Friday right now, but if there are amazing deals, I will be tempted to pick something up.
– Find out things I can sell, things I can give as presents for this Christmas, and things I can throw or donate.
– List items that I can sell on eBay. Sell any old junk like my Gamecube and games that I don’t even touch anymore. I can’t believe Ikaruga for Gamecube, a game I bought for $9 and away gave to a friend in elementary school, is now selling for $50+. That’s more than what Gamecubes are currently selling for.
– Clean up my room. It’s pretty clean, but there’s just so many random possessions I own that it piles up places
– Return library books


Phase 5: Update Website

– Update website pages to be more client-friendly
– Showcase apps, programs, websites I’ve made (maybe just use the portfolio completed in Phase 3?)
– Create a whole new wordpress design from scratch
– Apply that whole new website design


Phase 6: Sell my services

– Put up advertisements on Craigslist, Fiverr, other websites about the services I can offer
– Email clients directly letting them know how I will be able to provide them a service
– Call clients directly letting them know what I can provide (urgh, scary!)


And there we go. I think that’s it. I can’t think of anything else I’d need to do for right now. So now I’m just going to post up this journal entry, then get started on the first task of the first phase and work my way down. I’ll post updates every night or the morning of the next day. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, and they’re all related to each other. I just got to follow everything step by step, and do nothing else.

Oh yeah, Observant Bystander gave me her email today and we sent emails to each other for the first time. I asked her to specifically read this journal entry so she can learn what I’m looking to accomplish this week and find out how she can support me. After reading this, she should send me a message and I’ll invite her to a spreadsheet where I keep these tasks tracked, and there’ll be a second tab where she can add her own tasks if she wants.

Time to get started on the grind. I focus on nothing else.

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